Your team at John Casablancas Modeling School exemplifies the giving nature of the beauty industry and illustrates the difference we can make in the community around us. On behalf of Wigs 4 Kids, I thank you for choosing our Wigs 4 Kids teens to be the recipients of the scholarship to your school. You do so much for Wigs 4 Kids! We are fortunate to have your ongoing support and dedication as we continue to serve the children in our community. Your support is touching the lives of these children in a very special way and providing them with a renewed sense of self-esteem. You guys did a great job at the Macomb Mall event and we thank you for what you do, not only for us, but for all of the lives you profoundly touch and truly make a difference. 

-Maggie (Wigs 4 Kids)

About a year and a half ago, I was in a beauty pageant when one of the JC talent scouts saw me and wanted me to come try out for John Casablancas Modeling and acting program. At first, I came with no self-confidence, no experience, and no training in either field. But throughout the classes I attended and kept up with, I learned much information on how to become successful in both being a model and/or actress.  I learned how to walk the runway in 2 to 8 ince heels, while I also learned how to confidently talk in front of crowds and properly attend any type of auditions. With great advice and support from both my coaches and teachers, I learned that to be in a tough field like this, you have to fake it until you make it. You have to show everyone what you have and are capable of, and even if things don't go your way, such as; you don't get one of the roles you wanted, or position in a runway show or catalogue print, you get right back up and try again. You keep on trying because the next thing you audition for could be the course that changes your life, and John Casablancas makes you certain that you'll be ready for anything!


Wow!!! It has been an experience, I have learned so much. The teachers are amazing and we actually have fun in class, while we learn to be the best. At the end of finishing my courses, I had a chance to go to the International Model & Talent Association in New York! I went and did my best and I won an award! I realized something, if you want to be the best, you need to be trained by the best. If you want to be a professional, you need to be trained by a professional. Your choice should be John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center of Plymouth, Michigan...where award winners are made!


Over the past few months here at JC, I have learned so much, all thanks to my instructor, Ms. Mary.  Here at JC Modeling, everyone is so friendly and the staff shows that they care and want for us to succeed!


My daughter Jessica completed the modeling classes about a year ago. The experience, skills and knowledge she obtained through these classes allowed her to be involved with several fashion shows, including Detroit Fashion Week. The instructors are very diligent in the training of the students. The compassion and comprehension for instruction and education of the students has helped Jessica excel. She has the confidence and understanding of what it will take to become a successful model!!! Thank you very much John Casablancas for all of your help and support!!!

-Jessica's Mom

I love the staff, they are very helpful in what you need and what you need to know. I like both centers and how they are set up. I like how they let you know of any jobs that are coming up that are not posted on twitter or facebook. My daughter and I love the program here. Thank you to everyone!


My modeling career started with sending photos to several agencies. A few weeks later, I got a phone call from Dawn about auditions at the John Casablancas agency in Plymouth so I had a photographer friend of mine take some photos of me. I had no previous experience other than a school fashion show, so Dawn could tell by my audition on the runway that I had potential but needed some lessons in walking and posing. She said she really liked my look and asked if I was serious about modeling as a career  because she thought I could make it far if I worked at it and completed classes. I took the 20 week session of modeling and then 12 weeks of acting classes and throughout that time accepted any jobs that I got offered to get practice and gain experience. These included fashion shows at Westland Mall and the Women's Expo in Novi, freeze modeling at JC Penney and Macy's and greeting customers at Art Van. Then in the spring of 2013, I was notified that there would be auditions held at the JC Canton office by an agent from Major Modeling the NYC and that I should definitely show  up because Dawn thought the best market for my look would be NYC. I then drove out to NYC and met with several different agencies. I ended up signing with Major and am excited to see what comes next since they are already talking about opportunities in fashion week for 2014 and developing my career internationally.


JC  has helped me learn all about acting and modeling. It has also helped boost my confidence level!


Gave me the opportunity to meet and greet a lot of people, also to learn to learn a lot about myself, my talent and business. It's a great opportunity for people who have talent to come and show everybody what you are capable of.


It has that warm feeling when you come in.


JC has given me new experiences that have been really fun. I've become more confident in myself and learned to be more outgoing. The instructors make classes entertaining and encourage us to go after the things we want!


My favorite part is working with the make-up and runway.

-Gabrielle R.

I never thought that I would be able to have these types of opportunities. I can finally fulfill my dream of becoming an actor.


Loved the auditions, especially the On-Camera host. Met a lot of fabulous people and will be interested in attending more IMTA's!


Modeling & Career Center


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