Why would I want to go to a career center if I don't want to become a model?

        To become the person you want to be! In fact, many people take our personal image development courses simply because they're looking to change their style and enhance their self-image. Our programs are designed to assist students in achieving their personal best. We provide the tools to help them build the self-esteem that will be of lifelong benefit in any career you choose.

Who is John Casablancas?

        The most famous name in the modeling business! John is the founder of Elite Model Agency Group.  He has discovered, and managed the careers of many of the world's most famous models. The Modeling and Career Centers that carry his name are dedicated to providing their students with the same training , skills and knowledge that Elite models epitomize.

What makes John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center different?

         The courses you want and need most, combined with the experience and expertise to make them meaningful. In conjunction with IME, we've developed the most ambitious and comprehensive professional modeling and personal image development program anywhere. We're proud of the benefit our 30 years of experience in modeling, beauty, and personal image building bring to our centers. Elite represents some 500+ models on 4 continents and has affiliate agencies in every fashion capital. It is, without question, the world's leading modeling agency group... a groups whose scouts continually recruit new faces through John Casablancas Modeling  & Career Centers.  No other school can boast such a complete and prestigious relationship!

Do you have to attend modeling school to become a model?

          No, but it sure helps! Just ask the many successful models that are graduates of modeling schools.  Professional training, like the kind you get at one of our JC Centers, often makes the difference you need in any highly competitive field.  And remember, even if you decide not to become a professional model, the skills and knowledge you acquire at one of our JC Centers can be applied to any other pursuit or endeavor.

Do talent managers use John Casablancas?

        One of the greatest reasons to be associated with the JC Centers is the many connections they have made over the years with top people in the modeling and acting industry.  Hollywood talent manager Robert Amatruda is one of those people who has been so instrumental in the success of young talent. Robert Amatruda "Associates Management of Beverly Hills, California, has been instrumental over the past six years in discovering JC grads and bringing them to Los Angeles for work in fashion magazines, TV Commercials, TV Series and motion pictures.

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