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February 2017 -- Modeling Costs

What does it cost to be a model?

It’s a sad reality that many young aspiring models who are trying to break in to the industry sign up with dubious agencies that make them pay just for signing up. Don’t be scammed by these agencies!

You should never have to pay to be represented by a model or talent agency. At our in-house model agency, MTM Model and Talent Management, there is no fee for signing up.

But how does an agency get paid? That’s a great question—we knew you were a smart cookie! Per standard industry practice, we keep a 15% agency fee for each job we book for a model. So we only get paid when our models get paid.   

Like all other careers, there are costs associated with education and training. And we always encourage aspiring models to train and gain industry knowledge through our classes, taught by professionals.

We always have scholarships and internships available for motivated and qualified individuals—so don’t let anything hold you back from applying!

Once you are ready to start booking jobs, there are other costs to consider. You will need a portfolio of professional photographs, including a headshot, and comp cards. We have the contacts you need to get these standard career items without overpaying.