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April 2017 -- Education & Training
Practice makes perfect. Knowledge is power. These sayings are just as true for a career in modeling as they are for playing the piano or working hard in school. But in order to follow both of these proverbs, you need to invest time, energy, and—yes—money.

Some people believe that’s asking too much when it comes to modeling and that it’s only worth it if you become an international supermodel. We hear this a lot.

We want to show you that it’s worth investing in workshops that will not only give you the skills and knowledge to succeed in traditional modeling, but will also allow for personal growth and success off the runway.

Let’s think about cooking classes. If you took a cooking or baking class, would you be discouraged if someone told you to stop taking classes because you might never be on the show Iron Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen, or Cupcake Wars? No! Because you would benefit from the knowledge of how to cook healthy food for the rest of your life! And your friends and family would benefit too when you baked them delicious treats.

The list of examples like this could go on and on.

So how do the workshops at John Casablancas both prepare you for success in modeling and give you skills and confidence in everyday life?

We give workshops that teach composure, proper and good posture, how to do your own makeup and hair for different occasions (like a pro!), how photography angles work, how to walk elegantly in high heels, tips on everyday fashion and how to dress the part, and more.

Confidence built through our workshops will be with you for a lifetime. And we think any investment that lasts that long is well worth it.